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Virtual Sales Team

We are committed to reduce GOTO-MARKET time for our clients by giving efficient & cost effective services. International & National clients can rely on us for timely Sales and support Services.

spend time on ‘core’ functions that directly affect your revenue. Hiring us as a virtual sales assistant to get stellar sales support while you focus on scaling your venture.

What we do as a Virtual sales Assistant..

The list of tasks and responsibilities can vary depending on your company, capacity and needs. We as a virtual sales assistant will help you with the following roles:

  1. Research company directories for leads
  2. Manage CRM software
  3. Schedule calls and appointments
  4. Organize and update lead database
  5. Set reminders for followups.
  6. Data entry
  7. Cold calling
  8. Lead generation
  9. Prospect research
  10. Communicating with potential customers

Virtual Sales Advantages

Advantage of Virtual Sales Assistant

Virtual assistants have not only take charge of manual tasks like data entry, writing emails, following up with prospects/leads, etc. but essentially help you organize and manage your sales pipeline.

  • Full time salespeople have either been put on an extended leave or are struggling to work from home. This means that business is down and sales have slowed down considerably. We are here for you to avoid burnout in Business.
  •  Virtual sales assistants are used to the current situation – they already know how to work well remotely, have ample experience handling leads and know how to support your pipeline well. This leaves you more time to focus on what’s truly important right now – nurturing your leads and supporting your existing clients.
How Virtual Sales Assistants Support Your Sales??

Talking to a warm lead as opposed to a cold lead of course. The problem lies with the fact that every lead starts off as ‘cold.’ Without the right data, follow up and CRM records, the lead could turn in to a lost opportunity. But a busy salesperson does not always have the time to search for data on every lead , log noted continuously or remember to follow up as needed.