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We at Ren Invent have over 10 years of experience, giving consultation for BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and providing sales support for International clients since 2011.

In terms of BIS, we support our clients in understanding the “Government policy and guidelines”. Our team support clients during the complete cycle of BIS Registration (End to End), starting from understanding the Product Series, Sample Testing at Lab, Paper works and submission & follow-up at BIS office. We are having excellent relationship with BIS testing labs in India. We are committed to reduce GO-TO-MARKET time for our clients by giving efficient & cost effective services.

International & National clients can rely on us for timely services, because we understand Indian Government compliance & market better and can provide complete solution from single window.

Born out of a passion for adding value to the business, problem solving and a determination to deliver practical advice to businesses of all sizes. Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is a core component of business here at Ren Invent.



Management, we remind/ inform our Clients for Renewals, New IS amendments and New Product inclusion in BIS.

End to End Professional support (Sample Testing to Factory, Paper work to BIS Registration).

Strong local connections with Labs and presence Cost effective solutions We do Account Dedicated team for services.

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